FG Joomla to WordPress Options

Empty WordPress content

Before running the import or if you want to rerun the import from scratch, you can empty the WordPress content.

Remove only the new imported posts: Only the new imported posts will be removed when you click on the "Empty WordPress content" button.

Remove all WordPress content: All the WordPress content (posts, pages, attachments, categories, tags, navigation menus, custom post types) will be removed when you click on the "Empty WordPress content" button.

Automatic removal: If you check this option, all the WordPress content will be deleted when you click on the Import button.

Joomla web site parameters

URL: In this field, you fill in the Joomla home page URL.

Joomla database parameters

You can find the following informations in the Joomla file configuration.php

Hostname: $host

Port: By default, it is 3306.

Database: $db

Username: $user

Password: $password

Joomla Table Prefix: $dbprefix


Import introtext: The text before the «More» split can be imported to the post excerpt or to the post content or to both.

Archived posts: The archived posts can be imported as drafts, as published posts or not imported.


Meta keywords: You can import the Joomla meta keywords as WordPress tags linked to the posts.

Create pages: You have the choice to import the Joomla articles as WordPress posts or pages.

Create submenus with subcategories for categories menus: (Premium feature) This option will create automatically subcategories menus for each category menu.

SEO (Premium feature):

Partial import (Premium feature): If you don't want to import all the Joomla data, you can use this option. Please note that even if you don't use this option and if you rerun the import, the already imported content won't be imported twice.

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